Incredible Ladakh


Ladakh, the multi-colored mountains, colloquial traditional and custom, friendly people, popularly is known as “Land of passes” “the last Shangri-la”. It encompassed with the mighty “Greater Himalaya and Karakoram ranges”. From the history, Ladakh especially the Leh town had been a very important trade centre of the central Asian trade route. In 1974 Govt. of India had been taken responsibility to open Ladakh for tourist destination with fully committed security. Since then, Ladakh has become a very favorite tourist destination in the world; the most famous activities are trekking, cultural tour and the appreciation of unique simple living of the people. The Tibetans nomads were the first to settle in Ladakh, they were shepherds and followed by “BON- CHOS” religion and later absorbed by Lamaism. The “MON” people of north India were the next to exist; they probably came to propagates Buddhism. MONS ruled over the “STOD” and “MARYUL”. Ruin forts still exist at Chemray, Sakti and rGya. Today, Ladakh is very famous for its unique culture, mystic Gonpas and lovely people. People are well known for their hospitality, kindness to visitors.

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